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PT. Inti Luhur Fuja Abadi known as ILUFA Seafood is a seafood processor from the archipelagic island country of Indonesia. Located in East Java,Indonesia, Ilufa seafood supplies good quality of seafood products from east part of Indonesia.....

Seafood Fish Product
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We specialize in processing seafood product.
¤ Red Snapper              ¤ Sweetlip
¤ Grouper                     ¤ Seabream
¤ Goldband Snapper     ¤ Emperor
¤ Baramundi                 ¤ Parrot Fish

Milk Fish (chanos chanos)
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To maintain superior seafood product quality to our clients, we do good handling and control on our catching boat, prepare and process at our processing plant.

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Jl. Raya Cangkringmalang Km 6, Beji - Pasuruan. Jawa Timur